How we got started

The club was formed in 1978, when several model boaters, who used the marine lake at Southport, thought it would be a good idea.

Here we are 30 years later and going from strength to strength.

We meet on a Sunday morning and Wednesday from 12noon


In 2003 we moved to a new purpose built pond - "Jubilee Pond" as it was built during the clubs Silver Jubilee.


We have a great sailing pond with a member's car park and toilet facility. We share the area with Southport Model Engineers Club; they have an existing clubhouse and raised track loop for steam engines. As part of the new development a new track bed has been added alongside the pond and looping around at the head of the area and returning to their clubhouse.


The pond is open for public use as the club felt that it should be available to everyone, not just SMBC members. We do ask any visitors to use our frequency peg system for everyone's safety, if you intend to use steam power you need a current boiler test certificate (we can help with this). Electric and steam models are operated; however IC engines are not permitted. The club has had plenty of youngsters with toy yachts sailing amongst our boats, to the great delight of one and all, if the truth were told then many dedicated scale modellers would be free sailing little yachts just like when they were lads!


Southport Model Boat Club is a grouping of many ages with one aim - to ENJOY sailing model boats.


If you are a dyed in the wool yacht racer, you are very welcome to join us, but please don't expect everyone to want to race you, it's much more likely you will be offered a cup of tea and a sail of someone else's boat than a race!


RELAX, UNWIND, FEEL THE BREEZE!! and most of all enjoy your hobby with others of the same mind set.